Save R6,000 on a Falo Evo outdoor heater.

Now only R19,999.

WAS R25,999

On sale for a limited time only, this best-selling outdoor gas heater will change the way you spend time outdoors.


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Yes, I want to save R6,000 on an outdoor heater

Choose an outdoor heater that you'll want to use

Urban Campfire

Other heaters consume gas wastefully so they are very costly to run. The Falo uses less gas more efficiently so it is very economical to run - keep warm for longer!

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Falo Evo radiates gentle heat outwards which heats the space rather than those just sitting next to it. This means you don't need to sit 'on top' of the heater to keep warm.


The Falo Evo can light up in almost any weather condition. Plus, the patented wind cover helps project heat downwards and outwards.

Burning money

Know the 'true cost' of buying an outdoor heater?

Whilst you can buy cheaper heaters, consider the fact that the heater purchase cost is just one element of the total cost. Inefficient heaters may cost you less to buy at the outset but you will spend more to run them.

Also, inefficient heaters do not give off enough heat to keep you warm which means you either run them at full capacity (using more gas) or you'll end up not using them at all as they don't deliver on their promise. 

You don't need to be cooped up indoors this winter

During the cold weather we tend to want to stay indoors and cocoon ourselves. After a while we end up feeling the onset of 'cabin fever' and get fed up of being inside. This doesn't have to be the case! By creating a warm, cozy outdoor patio or terrace space you can spend more time outdoors and avoid the seasonal isolation.

They key is to choose an outdoor heater that will work for you.

Falo is easy and safe to use


Th electronic ignition means lighting the Falo, even in windy conditions, is safe and easy. Light it up by a simple press of the button.


The Falo Evo has a patented glass tube which radiates the heat. However, the metal grid is safe and cool to the touch.


The integrated wheels (included in the price) make the Falo easy to move even when its in use. You can move it where you want it.

Don't compromise on safety when it comes to gas?

No one wants to worry about whether the heater is safe. The Falo is the best in its class and has a unique 'anti-tilt mechanism' which switches the heater off if it's knocked over. Never worry about a disaster or fire.

Safe to touch
Falo Evo fits under cover.jpg

Convenience is important

At 2.18m the heater can sit comfortably under most roof structures. Uniquely, you can still put in standard gas bottles with ease – even a 14kg fits in.

Being portable (with free integrated wheels) means it can be moved to the area where you are spending your time.

Falo Evo is also social!

A handy clip on table turns your heater into a social, focal point. People love to congregate around the fire and share experiences.

Falo Evo clip on table

What does Ferrari,  Lamborghini & balsamic vinegar have to do with heaters?

Not much. It’s just that the Falo and the above are all made in the same town in Italy. You got to love the design flair of the Italians but like most things, the Falo too has been copied.

The secret of the Falo lies in its patented glass. The flame heats the glass which then radiates the heat outwards. No other flame heater can produce the same heat output. They are all but merely lanterns.

Save R6,000 on a Falo Evo outdoor heater.

Terms and conditions

1. Offer only available from Mobelli Western Cape and Gauteng stores.

2. Excludes delivery.

3. Gas is not included.

4. Offer applies to each Falo Evo heater purchased.

5. Offer only valid until 31st July 2018 or while stocks last.